Studying in Canada – How much does it cost

How Much Does Studying in Canada  it Cost?

Canada’s reputation as a destination for students wanting to earn an international degree has been steadily growing.  International education is fast becoming the global currency and students who want to be relevant in the global jobs market seek out opportunities that will give them that added advantage above the rest. And that’s where an international degree from Acsenda School of Management comes into play.

But how much exactly does an international education cost?

In Canada, tuition fees for international students start from Can$14,000 to Can$30,000 yearly, depending on the study program, location, duration of the degree and a lot more.

At ASM, tuition fees also vary from program to program. A comprehensive list of these programs and their corresponding fees are available for download here.

Living expenses are more affordable than other international student destinations, but still need adequate preparation especially if you are coming from the Philippines. Accommodation can range from Can$400 to Can$1,600 monthly depending on which city you are studying in, the neighbourhood and the type of accommodation.

Health Insurance is also another expense that students need to pay for. In Canada, it is mandatory for international students to arrange a suitable medical coverage even before travelling to Canada. On the upside, sufficient medical coverage means you need not worry about any unforeseen medical expenses while studying. And then there’s the opportunity to work off-campus while studying at the same time, which can help offset some of the living expenses while studying.

Food and clothing costs average around $320 monthly and miscellaneous monthly cost of $160 for phone bills, entertainment and laundry should also be allocated.

It is important to remember that as part of the application process for your Canadian study permit, you will need to be able to show that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your time in Canada.