MIABC Commercial Brokers Panel Luncheon: A Valuable Experience for Real Estate Students

At Acsenda School of Management, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to engage with industry professionals and gain valuable insights into their fields of study.

Recently, our Real Estate students had the privilege of attending the Mortgage Investment Association of BC’s (MIABC) Commercial Brokers Panel Luncheon, held on February 20th at the prestigious Terminal City Club.

The event brought together a diverse group of professionals from the real estate industry, including our very own Andy, VP of Acsenda School of Management, and Catherine Kang. It was an invaluable opportunity for our students to learn from experts and network with industry insiders.

The Commercial Brokers Panel Luncheon offered a rich program, featuring engaging panel discussions, and ample networking opportunities. Students had the chance to hear firsthand from seasoned professionals about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the real estate market.

The event also provided students with insights into the various career paths available in the real estate industry, from commercial brokerage to mortgage financing. With great food and a vibrant atmosphere, the luncheon was not only educational but also enjoyable.

Attending events like the MIABC Commercial Brokers Panel Luncheon is an essential part of our commitment to providing our students with a well-rounded education. By connecting them with industry professionals and exposing them to real-world experiences, we prepare them for successful careers in the dynamic field of real estate.

Although this event has passed, we encourage our students to stay tuned for future opportunities to engage with industry leaders and continue their professional development journey.

At Acsenda School of Management, we are dedicated to empowering our students to thrive in their chosen fields. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events and opportunities!

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