How does the BC Transfer Guide work?

How does the BC Transfer Guide work?

The BC Transfer Guide is a manual that helps people understand the BC Transfer System, specifically how a transfer works, the different types of credits, and what to do when moving from a post-secondary institution to another. Acsenda is part of the BC Transfer System as managed by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer.

When students need to transfer credits from one institution to another, the BC Transfer System helps to illustrate which partnered institutions across the country will accept them, articulating which courses meet their own requirements.

How does transfer work?

Transfer facilitates the movement of credits from one learning institution to another. It provides students with a more flexible learning experience, allowing for freer participation and mobility; and works for non-degree programs and programs in other countries!

It brings great benefits for students not just by making it easier to move credits. But it also makes tuition fees more affordable and it allows students to have more options to choose the institution of their preferences.

Where can you transfer?

It is possible to transfer to any of the institutions that have partnerships and are listed on the BC Transfer Guide. Also, there is an Education Planner that can show which programs are available for transfer before choosing any program or institution, including other informational resources.

What are the types of Transfer Credit?

The types of credit that can be granted vary from institution to institution. The most common types of transfer credit are:

  • Assigned credit which is given for a specific course
  • Unassigned credit that is given for a specific subject and year level
  • Cluster credit where two or more courses must be completed to obtain it
  • Block Transfer is given for a group of courses of a certificate or diploma

For more information about transfer credits, institutions, and courses that can be transferred, visit the BC Transfer Guide website. Also, if you need information about the transfer with Acsenda, please visit the Transfer Credit section.