Climate Action Certificate Ceremony 2022

The climate action certificate is a micro-credential in environmental awareness that aims to introduce students to the development of initiatives that are capable of creating social change and it is offered by Acsenda in conjunction with Drawdown BC, an organization motivated by a vision to reverse global warming by assuring a sustainable and eco-friendly planet.

The goals of the project are to provide meaningful opportunities for students to increase awareness regarding climate change, connect with their communities, and develop initiatives that help to bring positive change.

How was the award ceremony for students that completed the program?

The Climate Action Certificate was introduced to Acsenda students in Term 4 – 2021, with 12 students completing the program successfully. The students participated in five workshops that were accompanied by assignments and a final project at the end of the program.

The certificate distribution ceremony was organized by Garima Yadav (English Studies Coordinator), which began with a thoughtful video called ‘Nature is Speaking‘ narrated by Julia Roberts which explained the importance of nature and focus on the fact that nature does not need people, instead people needs nature. Afterwards, the ceremony included various final project presentations and action plans from students who completed the program, proposing tangible solutions to help combat climate change.

The ceremony continued with the final thoughts of Michelle Sheardown (Director at Drawdown BC) who stated that ‘we are meant to work together and create a sustainable world’.

Dr. Neil Mort (President of Acsenda School of Management)  congratulating students who completed the certificate and encouraged more students to take the program. He mentioned that Acsenda will be proudly continuing the partnership with Drawdown BC, and ended by saying that ‘we felt a sense of responsibility that our students need to have the awareness and understanding as they are moving to leadership roles as the environment becomes part of that’.

Dr. Neil Mort and Michelle Sheardown closed the ceremony by giving the students who completed the program their respective certificates, taking a picture with each of the recipients.

Climate Action Certificate Program

What were the Climate Action Certificate students’ advice and recommendations for students that have not taken the program?

Acsenda’s graduate John Reano said ‘I am not really an expert in changing the world, but one step at a time, and it starts here’. Also, he gave a piece of advice to people that have not taken yet the program ‘Relay on your basic knowledge about the environment, start with basic stuff to help, and try to attend the program as soon as you can, it’s fun, and do your best when you get the chance’.

In addition, an Acsenda instructor Kevin Fraser took the program as well, and he mentioned that there are many things to learn from this program such as the creation of action plans, the identification of solutions, the benefits of reducing carbon emissions and how beneficial could be in terms of finances and other areas.

Besides, Fraser gave amazing advice for students that have not taken the program yet, he said ‘Go into the program with an open mind, not just be problem-oriented but solution-oriented as well. How can we fix this? It starts with us as people, as individuals. The information is rich, it will also keep you aware of what’s happening around you and it will urge you to act’.

If you want more information about the courses that Drawdown offers to learn about climate solutions, develop initiatives and create solutions, please go to the Drawdown website.

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