Ravi Kiran Oberoi – BBA Marketing

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I came from India to pursue a BBA in Marketing at Acsenda School of Management. During my time at Acsenda, I learned a lot about Canadian culture and experienced the rich diversity of values and perspectives from fellow students who came from different parts of the world. The teachers were knowledgeable and many took a

Jatinderjot Singh Sidhu – Accounting

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Testimony - Jatinderjot Sidhu Accounting BBA Choosing to pursue my BBA in accounting at Acsenda School of Management was an easy decision for me because of two things: one, I was looking to pursue a business degree that allows flexibility in course load each term, and second, I’d heard lots of positive reviews about Acsenda

Caio Maluf – BBA

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Caio Maluf I chose to pursue my BBA at Acsenda because the courses offered were of my interest and would complement my Engineering degree. Adding to that, its location at the heart of downtown Vancouver was very convenient. In the small school environment at Acsenda, I have ample opportunities to get to know

Christine Chieh – BBA Marketing Management

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Christine Chieh I joined Acsenda’s business program in September 2012 and graduated two years later with a BBA in Marketing Management. While I’ve made mistakes in the past, I’m however certain that choosing to do my BBA at Acsenda wasn’t one of them. Students at Acsenda are given flexibility in their course schedule

Liliya Khaybrakhmanova – BBA Accounting

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Liliya Khaybrakhmanova The entire two-year period of study at Acsenda School of Management is unforgettable for me. What I found at Acsenda was that the instructors are not only enthusiastically interested in teaching, but they are passionate about their respective fields of study. The outstanding faculty tried to convey information to us (students)

Yatan Anand – Human Resources Management Concentration

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Yatan Anand, Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management After graduating from Acsenda School of Management (formerly SSDC) I started my career with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car and within 8 months I was made an Assistant Manager – which was probably the fastest promotion ever in the company. All the hard work and education from

Hietham Atyat – Marketing Concentration

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Hietham Atyat, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Graduation is the goal that every student seeks and when it's celebrated, it's like a fairy tale come true. It was not too long ago when I was given the opportunity to continue my education to a BBA Degree - at Acsenda School of Management

Gary Chen – Marketing Concentration

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Gary Chen During my studies at Acsenda School of Management I was the President of the International Business Club. My involvement not only helped start my career but gave me much more than just a classroom experience. As a member of the International Business Club I arranged a guest lecture by Export Ventures

Ketan Sachdev – Accounting Concentration

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Ketan Sachdev After one year of computer science at Simon Fraser University and two years of retail experience, I was looking for something new. A friend referred me to Acsenda School of Management in downtown Vancouver. They offered me a very appealing opportunity. At Acsenda, I could complete a business degree in less