BDC Vanier Case Challenge 2017 In the Team’s Own Words

  Fernando Priore de Almeida First, I would like to thank Acsenda for this great opportunity. It was a very enriching experience where I could learn more about Canadian culture, and interact with students from schools across Canada. Moreover, Quebec is an awesome place, with this European influence that was evident in the cuisine, architecture and people’s behaviour. I also tried ice-skating and experienced REAL freezing weather, which was really fun for me. It was a pleasure to be part of this team. I’d like to thank Mary, who invited me for this opportunity. Vidya and Laurie were excellent team players and I feel we worked hard and did our best. The competition played an important role in our future success. Vidya Sager Representing the school with my teammates at BDC Vanier Case Challenge 2017 was one exciting experience during my study in Acsenda. Being part of the competition helped broaden my horizon by having the chance to get to know other business students around Canada, and sightseeing in Montreal gave me a taste of this ancient historic city through its food and buildings. During the competition, we had the chance to listen to other teams’ presentations. The different points of view on the case and their presentation styles amazed me and became the drive and desire for me to learn more about marketing and other business-related knowledge. The best part of this experience was having Laurie and Fernando as my teammates and Mary as our coach. I’d like to thank them for being supportive from the preparation to the day of the competition. With the limited preparation time, I think we all did a great job by pushing ourselves beyond our limits as well as being calm and confident while working with an unfamiliar topic. I am really thankful for having this opportunity to be part of the competition. Thank You. Laurie Jane Salve  As a marketing student from the Philippines. I am very thankful for the opportunity that ASM gave me to represent our school in the Vanier BDC case challenge. Being an international student, I was not really expecting to be part of this kind of event but our instructor, Mary Charleson and the utmost support of our school made it happen. It was really great exposure for myself and my teammates, Fernando and Vidya to the real marketing world. It gave us a bigger picture of what awaits for us in the industry. Also being able to experience the City of Montreal, the outdoor skating rinks and the food was a great added bonus during the trip. It was an overall great experience with a mixture of academics and leisure.

Ravi Kiran Oberoi – BBA Marketing

I came from India to pursue a BBA in Marketing at Acsenda School of Management. During my time at Acsenda, I learned a lot about Canadian culture and experienced the rich diversity of values and perspectives from fellow students who came from different parts of the world. The teachers were knowledgeable and many took a personal interest in my intellectual growth and professional development. Since graduating in the summer of 2015, I have been working as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator with a leading supplier of bathroom and kitchen products in BC. In this first job since graduation, I find that my BBA from Acsenda has equipped me well by providing a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical skills for a successful career in marketing.

Jatinderjot Singh Sidhu – Accounting

Testimony – Jatinderjot Sidhu Accounting BBA Choosing to pursue my BBA in accounting at Acsenda School of Management was an easy decision for me because of two things: one, I was looking to pursue a business degree that allows flexibility in course load each term, and second, I’d heard lots of positive reviews about Acsenda from friends. During my time at Acsenda, I learned about things beyond a regular business program such as leadership and conflict management. Also, how to perform under pressure and thrive in a diverse multicultural setting; where I get to enjoy working with classmates from many different countries. With the broad range of business management competencies I had gained from Acsenda, I was able to land the position of Administrative Assistant immediately upon graduating in the Fall of 2015. Instructors at Acsenda were very supportive and knowledgeable; it helped me to have the self-confidence and ability to establish myself and my career here in Canada.

Caio Maluf – BBA

I chose to pursue my BBA at Acsenda because the courses offered were of my interest and would complement my Engineering degree. Adding to that, its location at the heart of downtown Vancouver was very convenient. In the small school environment at Acsenda, I have ample opportunities to get to know most of my schoolmates and there were no barriers to talk to teachers– which have helped me tremendously in my studies. The fact that there were so many international students made me understand better how people from different cultures have different perspectives, values and stories to share –which was not only interesting but has also opened my mind and broaden my outlook. While I am still not 100% sure about my future career plans, for the time being I will apply for a variety of positions, talk to the companies and then decide which would be the best fit for me. Meanwhile, I will also keep running my business offering programming services and maybe eventually start my own MS Excel solutions business.

Christine Chieh – BBA Marketing Management

I joined Acsenda’s business program in September 2012 and graduated two years later with a BBA in Marketing Management. While I’ve made mistakes in the past, I’m however certain that choosing to do my BBA at Acsenda wasn’t one of them. Students at Acsenda are given flexibility in their course schedule and the small class setting allows for individual attention and opportunities to learn from regular interactions with instructors and one another. During my time at Acsenda, I had opportunities to meet students from many other countries and to learn about their cultures — which I now find to be extremely valuable, as my job requires me to form connections with people from all over the world. I’d like to thank Acsenda for helping me see the value and joy of learning from people with diverse backgrounds. My plans for the future are to continue exploring different cultures while creating career opportunities that will advance my life’s goals. I’m therefore very grateful that I have been able to apply much of the knowledge that I learned at Acsenda in growing my business.

Liliya Khaybrakhmanova – BBA Accounting

The entire two-year period of study at Acsenda School of Management is unforgettable for me. What I found at Acsenda was that the instructors are not only enthusiastically interested in teaching, but they are passionate about their respective fields of study. The outstanding faculty tried to convey information to us (students) in a simplified form and accessible language. At Acsenda you will find a supportive environment which promotes intellectual, professional, and social growth. No matter what your interests are, you will be able to pursue them to the fullest extent. During those two years of studying I received more than five awards: for professionalism; dedication; perfect attendance; and participation in the school life of Acsenda. In this journey, along with the numerous exams, assignments and presentations, I am happy to have many memories that still bring smiles to me. I believe it was the best decision I could have made and it’s paying off as I have already obtained a job in my field. Liliya Khaybrakhmanova Accounting Clerk Quest Outreach Society

Yatan Anand – Human Resources Management Concentration

After graduating from Acsenda School of Management (formerly SSDC) I started my career with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car and within 8 months I was made an Assistant Manager – which was probably the fastest promotion ever in the company. All the hard work and education from an institution like Acsenda paid off. To date, I’m still applying the real life knowledge and skills that I gained from my education with Acsenda and I am proud to be a graduate of this august institution. Yatan Anand Human Resources Management

Hietham Atyat – Marketing Concentration

Graduation is the goal that every student seeks and when it’s celebrated, it’s like a fairy tale come true. It was not too long ago when I was given the opportunity to continue my education to a BBA Degree – at Acsenda School of Management (formerly known as Sprott-Shaw Degree College). Initially, I was hesitant to commit three years of my life to completing another step in my personal quest of acquiring a degree but I am glad that I made the decision and it’s paying off in more ways than I can express. Heitham Atyat Marketing with Distinction

Gary Chen – Marketing Concentration

During my studies at Acsenda School of Management I was the President of the International Business Club. My involvement not only helped start my career but gave me much more than just a classroom experience. As a member of the International Business Club I arranged a guest lecture by Export Ventures Group Inc. who upon graduation offered me the position of Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. I am grateful for the education I received at Acsenda and would encourage potential students to consider a business degree with an international focus. Gary Chen Marketing Concentration

Ketan Sachdev – Accounting Concentration

After one year of computer science at Simon Fraser University and two years of retail experience, I was looking for something new. A friend referred me to Acsenda School of Management in downtown Vancouver. They offered me a very appealing opportunity. At Acsenda, I could complete a business degree in less than three years without any prior university education. This is at least one year less than the degree programs offered at other institutions. I was amazed at the speed of the accelerated program. Even more appealing is the transfer agreement between Acsenda and CGA-BC. This means that I could achieve a CGA designation in about five years. So, I enrolled in the accounting program at Acsenda and started to work towards a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree in accounting. It has been six months since then and I have definitely made the right decision. The classes are fun and informative at the same time. The teachers have work experience in the subject that they are teaching. Most teachers are still working outside of the classroom. The class sizes are quite small, so the teachers can take time to answer questions and provide help whenever needed. On top of that, the administration is excellent and extremely helpful. I am proud to be a Acsenda student and I always will be. Ketan Sachdev Accounting Concentration