Ketan Sachdev – Accounting Concentration

Ketan Sachdev
Ketan Sachdev

After one year of computer science at Simon Fraser University and two years of retail experience, I was looking for something new. A friend referred me to Acsenda School of Management in downtown Vancouver. They offered me a very appealing opportunity. At Acsenda, I could complete a business degree in less than three years without any prior university education. This is at least one year less than the degree programs offered at other institutions. I was amazed at the speed of the accelerated program.

Even more appealing is the transfer agreement between Acsenda and CGA-BC. This means that I could achieve a CGA designation in about five years. So, I enrolled in the accounting program at Acsenda and started to work towards a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree in accounting.

It has been six months since then and I have definitely made the right decision. The classes are fun and informative at the same time. The teachers have work experience in the subject that they are teaching. Most teachers are still working outside of the classroom. The class sizes are quite small, so the teachers can take time to answer questions and provide help whenever needed. On top of that, the administration is excellent and extremely helpful.

I am proud to be a Acsenda student and I always will be.

Ketan Sachdev
Accounting Concentration

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