Acsenda BHM Students Attend Travel Show

By engaging learners through direct experiences and reflection, Acsenda School of Management aims to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, values, and contribution to their communities.

We are excited to share the latest experiential learning activity at Acsenda School of Management!

Our students recently attended “The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show – 2023″ under the guidance of our BHM Faculty’s Nirmal Vasanth.

Through this event, our students had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn about various career options beyond hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the hospitality industry.

At Acsenda School of Management, we believe in providing our students with practical experiences that prepare them for the real world.

Our commitment to experiential education sets us apart and helps our students excel in their chosen careers.

We thank Nirmal Vasanth and our students community for making this learning activity a success!

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