Acsenda Hosts Insightful SEC Presentation by Chair Atty. Emilio Benito Aquino

Acsenda Hosts Insightful SEC Presentation by Chair Atty. Emilio Benito Aquino

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The event was sponsored by the Philippines Canada Trade Council

Exciting networking event for our students!

Acsenda, a prominent educational institution, recently had the honor of hosting a highly informative presentation by two distinguished guests from the Philippines Security Exchange Commission (SEC). Atty. Emilio Benito Aquino, the Chair of SEC, and Atty. Oliver Leonardo, Director of SEC Enforcement and Investor Protection Department, graced the event and shed light on the latest developments, initiatives, and challenges faced by the organization.

Digitalization Initiatives and User Access Enhancement:

One of the main topics covered during the presentation was the SEC’s ongoing efforts towards digitalization. Atty. Aquino passionately discussed the commission’s initiatives to enhance user access to its services through digital means. By embracing technology, the SEC aims to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide greater convenience to investors and stakeholders.

Challenges of Corporate Reporting on Environmental, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility:

The modern business landscape demands more transparency and accountability from corporations, particularly when it comes to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Atty. Aquino addressed these emerging challenges, highlighting the importance of corporate reporting on these vital aspects. By encouraging companies to disclose their efforts and impacts on environmental and social fronts, the SEC aims to foster a culture of responsibility and sustainable practices within the corporate world.

Key Initiatives for Investor Protection:

Atty. Oliver Leonardo took the stage to discuss the SEC’s crucial initiatives focused on investor protection. The commission recognizes the significance of safeguarding investors’ interests and ensuring fair market practices. Atty. Leonardo elaborated on the measures being taken to prevent fraudulent activities, enforce securities regulations, and provide necessary support and guidance to investors.

Sponsorship and Acknowledgements:

The success of the event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Philippines Canada Trade Council. Their support not only allowed for the smooth organization of the presentation but also reflects their commitment to promoting knowledge-sharing and industry advancements.

Heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional student volunteer

Acsenda extends its heartfelt gratitude to the student volunteers who selflessly contributed their time and effort in organizing the event. Their dedication and hard work played a crucial role in making the presentation a resounding success.

The presentation by Atty. Emilio Benito Aquino and Atty. Oliver Leonardo from the Philippines Security Exchange Commission was a significant event that provided valuable insights into the commission’s ongoing initiatives and challenges. Acsenda takes pride in hosting such informative gatherings that foster industry collaboration and knowledge exchange. By embracing digitalization and addressing new challenges in corporate reporting, the SEC continues to pave the way for a more secure and responsible investment environment in the Philippines.