Age is just a Number Fundraising Gala 2023- Acsenda Students

The Seniors Services Society of BC hosted the 8th annual Fundraising Gala

 Acsenda Students Making a difference in Seniors’ lives

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On September 28, The Seniors Services Society of BC hosted its 8th annual Fundraising Gala, aptly named ‘Age is Just a Number.’ Five dedicated Acsenda students volunteered for this event, all with the shared goal of combatting homelessness and social isolation among seniors while championing healthy and positive aging.

Participating in a prestigious GALA dinner event presents a remarkable opportunity for students to both attend and volunteer. As attendees, they gain the advantage of networking with prominent guests, including notable figures like the New Westminster Mayor. It’s a testament to the belief that age is merely a number; even at a young age, one can explore boundlessly, paving the way to achieving personal and professional aspirations.

For the volunteers, it’s an honor to contribute significantly to the event’s seamless execution. The event’s auction, coupled with an exclusive dinner with the Mayor of New Westminster, stands out as a highlight. Notably, numerous event sponsors graced the occasion, and the organizers extended their heartfelt appreciation to them.

In essence, this event serves as an outstanding platform for students to connect and build networks with other attendees they encounter.

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