BMRK431 – Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications’ objective is to position and sell products and services in business to consumer and business to business markets. This course puts emphasis on integrated marketing communications (IMC) and the importance of messaging and utilizing multiple media vehicles in order to achieve specific communications objectives and reach defined target groups. The role of the internet in shaping marketing tasks is emphasized throughout the course.

After completing this course, the students should be able to explain the following marketing concepts:

  • How the business plan, marketing plan, and communications strategy inter-relate
  • Distinguish between integrated marketing and integrated marketing communications
  • Describe how culture, demographics, social class, and social group affect marketing communications
  • Identify the major legal issues that affect integrated marketing communications
  • Discuss how the source, the message and the audience affect persuasive communication
  • Describe what makes advertising, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing, or personal selling effective
  • How to budget the activities and the specific tests that could be used to evaluate the effectiveness

Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding digital and social media tools in the context of use in an integrated marketing communications plan. Students will be given the opportunity to attend a class trip to a local advertising agency towards the end of the course.

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