BHRM491 – HR Management Strategies and Practicum

This is a capstone course designed to help students apply their concentration area understanding of theory and practice, to real situations. A level of knowledge beyond familiarity with the sub-disciplines of each concentration area is expected.

  1. The nature of the work of the practicum will be such to favour knowledge and practical experience development in a real business setting for the student and it is not meant to replace the current employee responsibilities of the employer. As much as possible, work duties will be structured into discreet projects and approved by both the instructor and employer e.g., Build an HRM decision support dashboard for an organization; Develop a training course for a company; Assess supply chain benefits and make recommendations for improvements; Develop a marketing plan for a specific product etc.
  2. Students will further develop interpersonal skills and oral and written communication skills with colleagues in a real company as well as course peers and the instructor.
  3. Students will develop practical on-the-job skills and develop Concentration knowledge through such course assignments as electronic dashboards for decision support, electronic portfolios for knowledge building, professional self-evaluation, and critical reflection; and assignments directed at synthesizing company assessments and improvements.

Overall, students will seek to advance their concentration knowledge and improve and add value to the organizations that have provided opportunities for applied skill development by providing useful analysis, recommendations, and feedback in the project area.

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