BHRM490 – Human Resources Management Strategy & Workforce Development Practices

This is a capstone course in Human Resources (HR) designed to help students apply their HR knowledge to real situations. The student is placed in the position of HR Manager and asked to make strategic HR decisions for the company. The student should be able to identify the salient components of the HR system that need to be addressed in a real situation; develop alternative approaches based on a company’s business plan and provide benchmarks for evaluating a successful HR strategy.

The student would be expected to integrate the recruitment, selection, training, management development, planning, compensation, and organizational development issues and identify the key components that need to be changed or developed. This course also provides the knowledge and skill in applying training processes in organizations; strategic planning of training and development; learning, motivation, and performance; needs analysis; training design; evaluation of training, union management relations, training methods, development, and implementation.