BHMT440 or BHMT441

BHMT440 or BHMT441 – Hospitality Management Internship

Hospitality Internship is a 6 credit, 6 months paid work placement. The primary purpose of the internship is to offer work experience and skill development in an enterprise enabling the student’s theoretical knowledge to be augmented through practical career-related work experience and preparing students for the world of work.  During the internship, the students must demonstrate an understanding of the recruitment process and management roles and functions acquired as a trainee or team leader or supervisor or manager on duty or by shadowing a manager. Key learning outcomes of the internship program include modelling the importance of guest service, problem resolving skills and guest and customer retention skills goal setting, team building, organizational culture in the workplace and skills for professional development and career planning.

Participating employers in the internship program have included, Hotel Exchange, White Spot Restaurant, Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s Restaurants. Acsenda School of Management (BHM) faculty is a member of the British Columbia Hotel Association (BCHA) in Vancouver, Canada.  This module will equip you with the practical skills necessary to help you find the right internship, prepare you for a job interview and support you during the internship. You will be assigned an internship tutor, who will offer support and mentoring before, during and post the internship.

Due to Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19), this module is divided into two (3) sections. (i) Internship (BHMT 440) six (6) months paid work placement at minimum salary according to the British Columbia / Canada standard. (ii) Research Project (BHMT 441) which cases students are not able to perform duties as working hands-on experience due to the global pandemic (COVID 19), these students are such as health condition, expecting babies and responsible mum for the children under the age of 2.