BHMT301 – Technology and Information Management

The course examines the links between information systems and technology solutions that are critical to the hospitality industry. It emphasizes the changing role of the Internet and social media marketing in shaping marketing communication. As the big five hotel conglomerates expand throughout the world, with emphasis on new markets, this course introduces the complexities of operating globally and identifying obstacles/solutions that are available for developing and managing a corporate image.

With the dramatic increase of the role of Social Media Marketing and the importance of third-party distribution channels, Customer Information Management, Customer Relationship Management and Management Information Systems are critical. Students will design, evaluate and integrate effective interfaces that increase benefits to the organization and to optimize customer value opportunities. Students will work with the different media and promotional tools that are available, they examine the impact of technology upon the individual and organizations; consider the competitive and organizational implications, technology evolution and the quality control of information systems sources and the related services.

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