BHMT250 – Wine and Oenology

This course is specifically designed for those students who have a professional interest in learning about wines. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of wine and spirits with a deep focus on grape varieties and on learning how to compare them when grown under different conditions. It deals with wine appreciation but also covers production, storage, delivery, supply chain and service aspects of the wine within the hospitality industry. Learn about specific wine regions and winemaking styles and how these factors influence the quality of a wine or spirit. Successful candidates will be able to interpret the labels of the major wines and spirits of the world and give basic guidance on appropriate selection and service, as well as understand the principles of wine tasting and evaluation.

The fundamental concept of wines and spirits is intended for those who have little or no previous knowledge of the broad range of wines and spirits. It is suitable wherever a sound, but simple level of product knowledge is required to underpin job skills and competencies for example, in the customer service and sales functions of the hospitality, retailing and wholesaling industries. It is also useful for those who have a general interest in the subject.

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