ASM teams up with Flywire for faster payment process

ASM teams up with Flywire for a faster payment process

Acsenda School of Management has partnered with Flywire ( to streamline the tuition and fee payment process for international students. With Flywire, students can pay in their home currency — via international bank transfer or international credit and debit cards (additional local payment options may be available depending on the country you are paying from, such as Alipay in China) — while enjoying low exchange rates and no hidden fees.

Other benefits of this free service include:
1. Online payment tracking
2. Multilingual customer support via email, phone, or live chat
3. Real-time status updates sent via email and text
Go to to make your payment.

What are the payment methods that Flywire offers?

While ASM teams up with Flywire for a faster payment process, the payment methods that Flywire offers may vary depending on the country you are paying from and the institution you are paying to, for that reason Flywire will show you the methods that are available for you.

Some of the payment methods that Flywire offers are:

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit/Debit card payments
  • Other online payment methods

Therefore, if you are paying from an international bank or credit card, please select the country where the payment will come from to ensure you get the best exchange rate. If you are paying from a Canadian bank or credit card, choose Canada. Besides, Flywire does not charge any transaction fees, and you will be guaranteed the best exchange rate. Flywire also offers 24/7 support in multiple languages to assist you with your transaction.

For more information, check the payment methods and financial aid section on the Acsenda website.

What other forms of payment does Acsenda offer?

Acsenda also offers the option of ‘Payment Plans’ which allows students to set up a plan where they can divide their payment into three or seven equal installments that can be pay on different dates throughout the term of studies.

Students must apply for a Payment Plan by applying to the Registrar’s Office. Payments must be made in accordance with the established schedule. it is important to note that there is a $46 fee to set up a payment plan.


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