Acsenda’s Mentorship Event Connecting students with professions

Empowering Students

At Acsenda School of Management, the essence of connecting students with real-world professions is part of our mission.

We were excited to host a remarkable mentorship event, in collaboration with esteemed partners: the Philippines Canada Trade Council, the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of BC, and the Consul General of the Philippines office.

This event served as an special moment, uniting Filipino students from diverse academic backgrounds. It provided an exclusive platform for connection, learning, and inspiration, as our participants had the privilege of engaging with distinguished panel speakers hailing from various industries:

🔍 Christian Amurao (Finance)
🍽️ Jonie Tee (Hospitality)
🚀 Rhona Doria (Entrepreneurship)
👥 Eli Yanga, CPHR (Human Resources)
📊 Victoria R. (Project Management)

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Stephen Andrada MM MPA CCS for enriching us on the labor market information in BC. Additionally, a warm thank you to Tajinder Parmar, who shared invaluable hiring insights from the Vancouver Police Department.

Our exceptional event host and dynamic panel speakers deserve immense gratitude. Your generosity in sharing invaluable career journeys and advice has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our students, empowering them to chart confident paths in their professional endeavors.

For any Acsenda Filipino student eager to be part of this enriching program, please reach out to Nick Wang, our Career Services Manager, at

Let’s continue nurturing a supportive community that not only empowers students but also cultivates an environment fostering growth and success.

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