Acsenda welcomes Mexico exchange student from La Salle University

Acsenda is excited to welcome our first exchange student Sebastian Vazquez from La Salle University in Mexico. At the beginning of 2022, Sebastian was looking for a place where he could do an exchange program.

Sebastian Vazquez’s cousin, who is also living in Vancouver,  told him about his amazing experience in the city when Sebastian started looking for options to study. He chose Acsenda School of Management and applied through La Salle University.

Sebastian arrived on January 6, 2023, and began his studies this term.

What are his impressions of Vancouver?

“It has been really cool, it is very interesting for me to be walking on the streets and hearing a lot of languages. I also like that Acsenda is that way too, with people from everywhere. Now I understand why this place is recognized as an international city. Nature here is really beautiful. The views from the Skytrain are great, the public transportation is really advanced, and it is also very different from my country. In brief, I just can say that is a really good city to live in. I hope to learn as much is possible”, he said.

About La Salle University in Mexico

La Salle University, also known by its acronym ULSA, is a private Catholic educational institution operated by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It has 15 campuses across Mexico and offers a range of educational programs including high school, undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degrees.

The university has expanded significantly in recent years and has created its own national system of campuses. The main campus is located in Mexico City. La Salle’s mission is to develop fundraising programs to support scholarship recipients. Also, they seek to generate synergy between society and the university through various events and raise awareness of the importance of education as the only solution to improve their future.

In addition, La Salle University Saltillo offers Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Engineering, language courses, and different certificates. Some of the areas they cover are:

  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Physiotherapy
  • Administration and Marketing
  • Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication
  • Commerce and International Business
  • Law with an emphasis on North America
  • Educational Development and Innovation
  • Languages and Public Relations
  • Nutrition and Gastronomy

What is an exchange program and what are the opportunities that Acsenda offers to students?

An exchange program is when a student gets to travel abroad and is hosted by a partner institution.

Acsenda provides the opportunity for their students to study abroad at other universities, as well as for students from other institutions to study at Acsenda.

Moreover, exchange programs have great benefits for both students and institutions, some of them include:

  • Broaden the individual’s global perspective
  • Get to meet and study with people from different cultures
  • Meet and interact with professionals from various industries sectors
  • Create connections that can help with future job opportunities or career options
  • Open up their mind and makes students think outside the box
  • Get to learn about Canadian culture, customs, traditions, and more

Acsenda has partnerships with other recognized schools as well such as La Salle University in Mexico, Concordia, EDEM, and others which are partnered with UMAP.

Additionally, studying at Acsenda allows students to experience high-quality and globally recognized education in supportive academic environments that are fostered by culturally diverse instructors and advisors. Furthermore, Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world to live and Vancouver has been ranked among the “world’s most livable cities.”

Words from Acsenda’s President Dr. Neil Mort

“Exchange programs provide a wonderful opportunity for students from other universities around the world to learn in a new country and to meet other students. Acsenda is very proud to be working with several universities around the world both directly and as a part of the global network of universities in the Asia Pacific Region through the UMAP”, said President Dr. Neil Mort

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