Acsenda hosts annual conference for ASQ Vancouver

What is ASQ?

American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a global organization that has associates and customers in over 130 countries. Their organization incorporates communities of members that assist them to connect with other quality professionals and specialists, increasing their knowledge and progress in their professions, and also expanding their leadership skills. ASQ respects diverse needs and provides people with ideas and tools to create a better space for their communities.

ASQ Vancouver is a local chapter of ASQ that serves British Columbia, primarily in Metro Vancouver and in lower Vancouver. They have been providing opportunities for learning, quality improvement, knowledge exchange, operations, and risk management since 1989.

Acsenda hosts the annual conference for ASQ Vancouver

What was the conference about?

Acsenda School of Management hosts the annual conference for ASQ Vancouver for the second year in a row. The conference for the ASQ Vancouver had the purpose of sharing new trends, techniques, and concepts with individuals in the quality management and operations management sectors.

In November 2021, six students from Acsenda led the planning and management of the conference along with some ASQ members. Therefore, students prepared and developed close to 100 project deliverables that include social platforms, designs and other tasks. Besides, the online conference counted the assistance of nearly 80 participants.

The group of students from the Marketing and IBM concentrations plus two former practicum students were participating. They were led by Louis Blais, Associate Director of Marketing, Fuat Ramazanov, Associate Director of IBM and Kevin Fraser, BBA faculty member. It was a great effort from everyone to manage and accomplish all the objectives and deadlines for the conference; Also on the day of the event, everything went out very well covering all the necessary aspects.

In his opening speech on Day 1, Puneet Manchanda, the Regional Director of ASQ Canada and Greenland, thanked ASQ Vancouver for hosting the conferences and thanked Acsenda for supporting ASQ with resources and IT infrastructure. He also announced that ASQ Vancouver would host the 2022 National Canadian Conference.  As this conference has always been organized by the Toronto chapter, this is a huge honour for ASQ Vancouver and evidence of our students’ valuable contributions.

For more information about the ASQ organization, please go to the American Society for Quality website. Also, if you have any questions in regards to the conferences or how Acsenda has helped ASQ please contact us.