Acsenda hosts 2022 ASQ Canada Conference

On November 19, Acsenda hosts the 2022 ASQ Canada Conference. This is the third year that Acsenda has coordinated conferences for ASQ, and it was a privilege to be asked to host the national conference in person at the Acsenda School of Management campus.

How was the conference?

ASQ Vancouver hosted the conference at Acsenda’s campus, beginning at 7:45 AM and closing with door prizes and remarks at 5:00 PM. The conference focused on ‘Overcoming Diversity: A Leap Forward’, touching on the global challenges of a post-COVID world.

Some Acsenda students were involved with the organization, logistics and promotion of the event, including a group of BHM students, who helped to coordinate and host the food services. Also, several of Acsenda’s faculty and directors had key roles in coordinating the event.

The day was packed with virtual and hybrid sessions by different industry professionals. It involved panel discussion sessions, snacks and lunch, trivia and door prizes. Some of the speakers at the conference include:

  • Liz Gleadle (Olympic Athlete and Events Host)
  • Gina Vahlas (Ergonomist and Occupational Hygiene Officer)
  • Fernando De La Torre (Quality Professional, Certified Leader and Coach)
  • Monica Parkin (Best Selling-Author and Podcast Host)
  • Linda Naiman (Corporate alchemist, Artist and Coach)
  • Moataz El-Menshawy (Professional Engineer)
  • Shafiq Jamal (Independent Consultant and Reputation Management Expert)
  • Jeffrey Rosaine (Corporate Quality Manager)
  • Kelvin Monteiro (Operations Leader and Coach)
  • Sandra Amador (Quality Assurance Manager)

What are Acsenda President’s thoughts about the ASQ conference?

Acsenda’s President Dr. Neil Mort congratulated International Business Director Fuat Ramazanov and Faculty member Natella Isazada who were the conference organizers for an exceptional job. Thanks to Marketing Director, Louis Blais, and the student team who helped with the organizational aspects, and to BHM Faculty member Nirmal Vasanth for coordinating the catering. Thanks also to VP Academic Dr. Chehra Aboukinane for her work in establishing this very positive connection.

This event sought to continue to strengthen Acsenda’s relationship with ASQ, in addition to providing valuable learning experiences through their organization. ASQ also provided several scholarships for students.

Acsenda hosted the 2022 ASQ Canada Conference

What is ASQ?

American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a global organization with associates and customers in over 130 countries. Their organization incorporates communities of members that assist them in connecting with other quality professionals and specialists, increasing their knowledge and progress in their professions, and also expanding their leadership skills. Additionally, ASQ respects diverse needs and provides people with ideas and tools to create a better space for their communities.

ASQ Vancouver is a local chapter of ASQ that serves British Columbia, primarily in Metro Vancouver and in lower Vancouver. They have been providing opportunities for learning, quality improvement, knowledge exchange, operations, and risk management since 1989.

Acsenda hosted the 2022 ASQ Canada Conference

Also, if you want more information, please go to the ASQ Vancouver Section website.

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