Acsenda collaborates with Athena School of Management for COIL session

On the evening of February 26, 2021, Acsenda School of Management was pleased to collaborate with Athena School of Management (Athena) in Mumbai, India in a first Collaborative Online International Learning session between the two schools.

Professor Aditya Singh, the Director of Athena and Professor Pomponia Martinez of ASM were the event facilitators. Pomponia Martinez was also the workshop designer, which featured Entrepreneurism and Product Evaluation.

The event featured Neil Mort, President of Acsenda and Aditya Singh, Director of Athena, welcoming a total of 28 students, 14 from each school. Student participants worked together in self-directed teams to solve a presented case and present findings to the plenary, all in the span of three hours. Student comments included “a great learning experience”, “useful tools”, and “The exchange of ideas among different cultures and countries was fun and engaging. The workshop allowed me to experience what it’s like to be an international entrepreneur”.

Leadership in both institutions noted this as a very successful event, certainly to be repeated.

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