Acsenda students attend Women in Capital Markets event

Acsenda School of Management joined YCIF Vancouver and the WCM Vancouver Steering Committee for an in-person social mixer and discussion about the current economic environment. It was a tremendous opportunity for our female students to engage with local entrepreneurs and learn more about Canada’s ever-expanding private sector, specifically its concerns and potential for growth.

Guests during the evening included:

  • Catherine Heath, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel
  • Jock Finlayson, former Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, Business Council of British Columbia
  • Brandon Newell, Executive Director, Financial Solutions, CIBC Capital Markets

Here’s what our students had to say about this event:

I found it very interesting that the speaker, Mr. Jock Finlayson, talked about the current economic environment featuring in Canada after the Covid-19 situation. It is important to note the presence of the highest inflation in a decade, which will cause the Central Bank and the government to take extraordinary measures not to be significantly affected by the current consequences. Such as the supply chain disruption, the reduction of the influx of immigrants, and the effects on labour supply.

I really liked that, despite the economic problems caused by inflation during and after the pandemic, the speaker had a good expectation about the situation in the country, hoping that all this would strengthen the job market. I consider it essential for all young people and all Business Administration students to be immersed in these kinds of topics. Because what we learn in our Macroeconomics classes does not only remain in class but in the application of the current situation in our companies, country, and world economy.

– Rubi Ramirez Varela

In terms of the event, it was a fantastic experience and an excellent networking opportunity. We’ve learned a lot about Covid’s effects on the business world (inflation, supply chain disruption, GDP, housing price increases) and what the future holds. The guest speaker made some predictions and talked about the possibility of the economy improving. 

– Anmol Ghuman

Thanks so much for having us!

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