ASM Student Clubs!

Join, create, and engage through student clubs and organizations, cultivating lifelong business connections and preparing for the corporate ecosystem.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Acsenda offers students the option to join a club that is aligned with their interests and aspirations. Clubs are managed by students and are a great way to build connections, participate in events, learn more about their area of interest, attend workshops and meetings, and be able to be part of a community.

Student Society

All students registered in the Acsenda BBA program are automatically considered members of the Acsenda Student Society. It has been organized to provide students with the opportunity to be involved in a variety of learning experiences on and off campus around Vancouver. The Student Society serves as the venue wherein students get the chance to develop leadership roles that will change their lives and their communities.

Student Clubs

To engage students in activities which enhance their experience and exposure to their respective areas of specialization the following clubs have been organized:

  • New Clubs ! Volleyball and Basketball

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