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The HRM Club acts as a bridge between HRM concentration students and their skills and career. We aim to help and support Acsenda students to become successful HR professionals.

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Filled with engaging activities and valuable opportunities for professional growth!


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In recognition of our commemoration of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, 

we are delighted to present the Acsenda Newsletter Special Edition! 

To view the newsletter, simply click on the photo.

This remarkable publication stands as a testament to the spirit of collaboration, uniting the English Newsletter team, student clubs such as the HR Club, as well as our esteemed faculty and staff.

Together, we’ve joined forces to bring out the best from each group, resulting in a special issue that pays tribute to the 3rd National Day for Truth & Reconciliation and commemorates the 10th anniversary of Orange Shirt Day.

This collective endeavor embodies our commitment to leveraging our diverse skills and boundless creativity to create a publication that holds deep meaning and leaves a lasting impact.