Acsenda Real Estate Opportunities: Connecting People and Professions

International Students Pursuing Real Estate Studies

Acsenda Students Gain Valuable Insights and Connections at MIABC’s Real Estate Luncheon

At the forefront of representing mortgage lenders since 1917, the Mortgage Investment Association of British Columbia (MIABC) recently hosted a luncheon that brought together industry luminaries for a panel discussion, shedding light on key facets of the real estate sector.

The event spotlighted distinguished industry leaders like Colin Bosa, CEO of Bosa Properties, renowned for steering a 35+ year legacy. Bosa’s leadership ethos has fostered human-centered solutions across diverse property developments, shedding light on strategies navigating modern challenges.

Tim Grant, President of PCI Developments, offered a hands-on perspective, illuminating operational triumphs within PCI’s real estate projects. His involvement provided unique insights into the intricate workings of a real estate powerhouse.

Connecting People and Professions 

Networking emerged as a central theme, underlining the significance of connecting with industry professionals. This emphasis on networking proved crucial for advancing careers within the real estate domain. 

MIABC’s expansive membership comprises diverse segments, including lenders, developers, brokers, appraisers, and legal experts. This collaborative ecosystem fosters a rich network of opportunities and collaborations, encapsulating the multifaceted real estate landscape.

International Students Pursuing Real Estate Studies

For Acsenda’s international students pursuing a real estate bachelor’s, this event served as an invaluable platform.

Engaging with industry leaders provided exceptional insights into market trends, best practices, and the intricate dynamics of a competitive real estate landscape. Networking opportunities and exposure to diverse perspectives enriched the learning experience, equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of the global real estate arena.

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