Inaugural Address for Convocation, July 13, 2015 – Dr. Lindsay Redpath

On July 13, 2015 at the Acsenda School of Management 2015 Graduation ceremony Dr. Lindsay Redpath was Inaugurated as the President and Vice Chancellor.Lindsay-Redpath-Inauguration-13July2015

“The timing of my appointment last June could not have been better. It was a celebratory year. Two thousand and fourteen (2014) marked the 10th anniversary of Acsenda and the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Acsenda, formerly Sprott Shaw Degree College, had embraced a new identity and had just moved to a brand new campus. The Ministry had granted renewal of consent for the BBA, and had approved a proposal to offer a new degree – the Bachelor of Hospitality Management. The first Alumni Association had been formed and our parent company, the CIBT Education Group, had just embarked on a new commercial venture that would create affordable student housing in the Metro Vancouver. Much had been accomplished in a short period of time and the credit goes to those who came before me.” -Dr.Lindsay Redpath

To view Dr. Lindsay Redpath’s full Inauguration Address download it here.


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