Acsenda students visit largest multi-product bulk terminal in North America

Acsenda School of Management International Business Management (IBM) students visited the largest multi-product bulk terminal in North America. The terminal is a critical link in the supply chain that transports Canadian potash and steelmaking coal to markets worldwide.

During the tour, students learned about the terminal operations, key international destinations for commodities that the terminal handles and some measures that the terminal undertakes to minimize the impact of its operation on the environment.

What are Neptune Terminals?

Neptune Terminals is a bulk shipping terminal located on the north shore of Burrard Inlet in the Port of Vancouver. It is owned by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and operated by Neptune Bulk Terminals. Currently, the terminal handles Potash and steelmaking coal from Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta respectively. Nonetheless, they have managed other products for both import and export such as phosphate rock, canola oil, and alfalfa pellets.

In 1968, they constructed the Neptune terminals, and they have been operating them ever since. The terminal has grown significantly over the years from 3.2 million tons of handling capacity in 1968 to 23.5 million tons of handling capacity in 2021. They expect the capacity to grow to 30 million tons in the upcoming years.

Acsenda students visit largest multi-product bulk terminal in North America

What is the expansion project that Neptune Terminals completed?

The construction company completed the expansion project ‘The Allison Project’. It involved a new railcar dumper building and conveyor system, a new ship loader, and an extra ail alignment.

The former president of Neptune Terminals, Claus Thornberg, told North Shore News: ”I wouldn’t say they’re building a completely new metallurgical coal system, but it’s not far from it. We’re upgrading most of the existing infrastructure with a major overhaul if you like so that we will be able to more than double the capacity for Teck at Neptune.”

They finished the project in August 2021.

After completing The Allison Project, the company realized the demand for water capacity. The terminals are proposing to install a 500-metre-long coal water force main and to upgrade the pump stations.

Acsenda students visit largest multi-product bulk terminal in North America

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