IB Club at Cargo Logistic Canada (CLC) 2018


IB Club at Cargo Logistic Canada CLC school 2018

IB Club at Cargo Logistic Canada (CLC) 2018Cargo Logistic Canada (CLC) 2018 was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Feb 6-8.  This is ‘North America’s largest multi-modal exposition and conference’ held annually in Canada.  CLC 2018 attendees are stakeholders of different levels in the supply chain logistics, they are owners, providers, educators and agents.  The exposition floor featured products, services, technologies, equipment and training opportunities designed to optimize the whole supply chain from end to end.

In February 2018, members of Acsenda’s International Business Club went to the event; all enjoyed the opportunity to meet and be fascinated by the exhibitors there. ”As a new student taking the concentration in International Business Management, I have a lot of questions in my mind regarding what supply chain logistics is all about.  Joining this event and networking with practitioners and professionals gave me great opportunities to ask questions and get answers; besides it helped me understand more broadly the supply chain logistics world. Generally, I had a wonderful first-time experience at this kind of function and because of this, I am eager to involve more in IB-related activities and to continue learning and exploring the future of International Business Management. “

By Kriza Manalastas, VP Events – IB Club at Cargo Logistic Canada (CLC) | ASM BBA student – IBM concentration