How to find jobs as an international student in Canada

Working while studying in Canada will not only help you cover your student expenses, it will allow you to build more connections with different types of people, too! As an international student, it is always in your interest to continue to expand your network in new ways, resulting in unique opportunities before and after graduation. This article will provide information and resources on how to find a job while being an international student in Canada.

First things first, in Canada, it’s important to know that international students are only allowed to work part-time for 20 hours/week unless the student has a work permit or other document that allows for increased hours. It can also depend if the student is working on-campus, off-campus, co-op or intern.

In any case, make sure to visit the Canadian government website for more questions regarding the number of hours you can work while being an international student with the type of permit that you have.

Top sites for finding jobs in Canada

There are many things international students can do before they start looking for jobs to increase their chances to landing one. These include comparing your resume with relevant examples to make sure it follows the Canadian guidelines, getting involved in student associations or clubs, participating in volunteering programs or activities, and taking part in workshops or seminars.

Also, when looking for a job it is important to know which websites are the most reliable and popular. We recommend using:

1. Indeed 

It is one of the most popular sites to look for a job from anywhere in the world, especially in Canada. Indeed provides free access to job searches, resume publishing, and they investigate the different companies that are hiring. They have over 250 million monthly visitors and add 10 jobs per second to the platform.

How to find jobs as an international student in Canada


2. Glassdoor 

The job site Glassdoor is a global review and job listing site with millions of users. Glassdoor offers a platform to post and apply for jobs, featuring approval ratings, salary reports, and reviews from former employees. They have over 60 million monthly visitors and 1.5 million employers looking for new people to add to their companies.

3. Monster Canada 

Monster Canada is a well-visited job board that attracts millions of job seekers and has built an admirable resume database. The platform recommends jobs based on the criteria of what the person looks for, helping you find the best job matches. It also offers resume uploads, networking panels, company details, a resume check service and a mobile app.

How to find jobs as an international student in Canada

4. CareerBuilder Canada

CareerBuilder Canada is an innovative platform. It is one of the longest-lived job platforms on the internet; it allows users to filter by location and pay range – using Google to help match candidates with job opportunities.

How to find jobs as an international student in Canada

5. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the top networking sites for companies, allowing people to find jobs not only through direct employer job posts but also through communication with the wide LinkedIn network. Your profile serves as your resume, with opportunities to participate in discussions and ‘follow’ companies that you may be interested in.

6. Jooble 

Jooble is among the TOP-10 job aggregators in the world. It is an international job posting website used daily by millions of people in 69 countries. They aggregate jobs from more than 250,000 resources, including corporate companies, social networks, NGOs, and others. On Jooble you can find job opportunities in various career fields across Canada

For more information or guidance on finding jobs, don’t hesitate to contact Acsenda School of Management.


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