Hospitality National Job Fair: Student Success and Industry Connections

In the dynamic field of hospitality management, opportunities for students to network and secure career paths are invaluable. Last Friday marked a momentous occasion when Acsenda School of Management's Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Program spearheaded a remarkable feat at the nationwide career fair, organized by Latincouver, proudly supported by Acsenda School of Management. The event, full of energy and enthusiasm, underscored our program's commitment to excellence and preparing our students to meet the demands of the job market. An astonishing turnout of 640 local and international students resonated with the importance of the event, highlighting the immense interest it sparked. Supported by 20 exhibitors and nearly 20 volunteers, including students and faculty from our esteemed BHM program, the career fair was a testament to our dedication to fostering student success. The collaboration between academia and industry was palpable, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and for employers to explore potential talents. Distinguished employers in attendance included Envoy Air, Hudson Group, Discover Canada Tours, Boat House Restaurant, American Airlines and Dominion Tours, to name a few. In particular, Acsenda School of Management, represented by the BHM program, remained the sole educational institution and sponsor, further consolidating our position as a leader in hospitality education. For students aspiring to carve out a niche for themselves in the industry, this event was an unmissable opportunity to network, explore various career paths, and potentially land their dream job. The success of the event was the culmination of collaborative efforts, demonstrating the power of synergy between academia and industry. As we celebrate this win, we extend our gratitude to all the participants, exhibitors, volunteers and employers who contributed to making this event a resounding success. Together, we continue to forge paths for our students to thrive in the dynamic landscape of hospitality and tourism. Join us in celebrating this milestone and stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to connect with professionals and explore rewarding career paths in hospitality!
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