Canada announces an easing of on-arrival testing for fully-vaccinated travellers

The Government of Canada has announced that it will be easing on-arrival testing for fully-vaccinated travellers. This means that travellers arriving in Canada from any country, who qualify as fully vaccinated, will be randomly selected for arrival testing but will no longer be required to quarantine while awaiting their test result.

Canada decided to change these measures due to the high vaccination rates, availability of rapid tests to identify the virus, the decline of hospitalizations around the country and the availability enhancement of treatments and therapeutics.

What are the new adjustments that Canada made?

Canada made new adjustments in regards to easing border and travel measures for international flights and passengers planning to come to Canada. These adjustments will be effective as of February 28th, 2022.

1. Easing of the on-arrival testing for fully vaccinated travellers

Travellers arriving in Canada who are fully vaccinated with two doses of a vaccine accepted by the Canadian government will be selected randomly for arrival testing. Those who are selected are not required to quarantine while waiting for the result.

2. Pre-entry requirement rapid antigen test or molecular test

Travellers can choose to perform a molecular test (taken no more than 72 hours before the flight or arrival to the Canadian border) or to perform a rapid antigen test (taken the day prior to the flight or arrival to the Canadian border) to be suitable for pre-entry requirements. Have in mind that the tests need to be authorized by the country that the person is in the current moment and by an official laboratory or healthcare institution.

3. Travel health notice from a level 3 to level 2

The Canadian government is not suggesting anymore that Canadians avoid travel for non-essential purposes. They are giving the autonomy to Canadians to travel under their own risks and understand that there are still ongoing infections in many countries and they should take necessary preventive measures before making any travel arrangements.

Also, the health notice allows international flights carrying passengers to land at any of the Canadian airports that are designated by the Canada Border Services Agency to receive international flights.

What are some things to still check before your flight to Canada?

  • Check if you are eligible to enter Canada with the assessment tool that the government has. Review if you meet all the entry requirements before your flight or arriving at the Canadian border. Remember to verify what is the provincial and federal news due that every province has their own restrictions.
  • Submit your information and proof of vaccination to the ArriveCAN (app or website) before arriving in Canada.
  • Consider having the availability of healthcare services in a foreign country in case of any medical treatment or COVID positive while abroad.
  • As additional preventive measures, remember to use your mask in public places or while travelling, get your booster shots, and self-isolate in case of symptoms.
  • Before coming to Canada, check frequently the changes in restrictions, entry requirements, vaccinations, and exemptions for travel situations because they might change at any moment.

For more information about travel, testing, borders, please visit the Canadian government website. Also, if you need any help with travel arrangements or processes to enter Acsenda, please contact us.