Acsenda School of Management wishes a happy retirement to Dr. Glen Farrell

Acsenda School of Management (ASM) wants to extend this special thanks to Dr. Glen Farrell, who recently retired from our Academic Council role.

Dr. Farrell has been an integral part of the ASM community for over 18 years. During this time, he served as the Chair of our Academic Council. He was involved with the formation of our institution and helped guide the development of the high-quality academic programs and educational experiences from which our students have benefited.

Dr. Farrell has a distinguished career in higher education, serving in leadership roles across Canada.  He was the founding President and Vice-Chancellor of the British Columbia Open University and the Knowledge Network, its related educational television facility. He held various administrative and academic appointments at the Universities of Victoria and Saskatchewan in Canada throughout his career and is the author of numerous papers and publications on the development and practice of open learning and organizational change. He was active in organizations such as the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Council of Western Canadian University Presidents and the Association for Tele-Education in Canada. He served on the governing boards of such diverse organizations as Elderhostel Canada, the Pacific Rim Institute for Tourism, Saskatchewan Telecommunications, and Royal Roads University, and was a Senior Consultant at the Commonwealth of Learning. He was involved in international consultancies that drew on his expertise in open learning, educational applications of information and communication technologies, and the management of innovative organizations. UNESCO, the Commonwealth of Learning, the e-Africa Commission, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and Industry Canada are some organizations he worked with. Throughout his career, Dr. Farrell has strongly advocated for prioritizing academic quality and shown commitment to finding innovative ways for institutions to achieve pedagogical excellence.

I want to take this opportunity to convey our most profound appreciation and gratitude to him for his service and contributions to our institution.

Please join me in thanking Dr. Farrell and pledge our commitment to carry the traditions and the excellent reputation of Acsenda that he has helped establish forward into the future.

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