Bachelor of Hospitality Management Sessional Faculty Positions

Acsenda is seeking part time instructors (sessional) to teach in a new Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) degree program opening in April 2016. The BHM program integrates business courses from Acsenda’s BBA program with specialized courses in hospitality to prepare graduates for management careers in the industry.

Opportunities are available for part time faculty qualified to teach a variety of courses including accommodation management, revenue management, cost control, technology and information management, sustainable development and CSR, marketing and social media, revenue management, and operations and supply chain management.

Applicants must have a minimum of a master’s degree in hospitality management or business and relevant experience in the industry and related teaching experience. At least one appointment must go to an applicant with a doctoral degree and relevant work experience in the hospitality industry.

Key Responsibilities:

All faculty members are expected to present and facilitate high quality and student-focused instruction complying with the standards and key roles and responsibilities set forth by Acsenda School of Management. Responsibilities include:

  • Instructional Duties
    • Employ up to date methods for teaching and learning effectiveness using a variety of instructional methods and learning resources.
    • Manage the classroom effectively.
    • Accomplish the course learning objectives; incorporate program learning outcomes into course learning objectives and assessment.
    • Communicate criteria and grading rubrics used to evaluate student work.
    • Establish and communicate regular office hours to students where you will be available to meet with students outside of regular class hours.
    • Evaluate student performance according to established criteria approved by ASM.
    • Use the approved course outline and adopted textbook for the course.
    • Update course materials in consultation and with the approval of the program director.
    • Provide remedial instruction to students who require it
    • Meet with the program director at least once per term to discuss issues related to teaching performance, student issues, or recommendations for improvements in curriculum or instructional resources. Address areas for improvement as identified by the program director.
    • Comply with copyright laws and policies.
    • Ensure review of student work for academic integrity and follow policies for addressing academic dishonesty as outlined in the ASM Academic Calendar.
    • Maintain a record of all assignments, projects, exams and other course deliverables.
  • Administrative Duties
    • Ensure that the required instructional hours are fully met;
    • Advise the program director at least 24 hours in advance, if possible, if you are unable to attend or need to reschedule a class;
    • Adhere to ASM’s requirements, schedules and time tables for turning in attendance and grade reports;
    • Provide information related to your qualifications, experience, teaching and scholarly activities, updated curriculum vitae, etc., required for ASM’s compliance and other reporting requirements.
    • Participate in meetings, committees (ad hoc or standing), student clubs and events that support the school and its student activities.
  • Continuous Professional Development
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and pedagogy related to the disciplines that you teach.
    • Attend Faculty Orientation and scheduled faculty meetings once per term (where possible); and faculty training and workshops where required.
    • All faculty members are encouraged to meet with teaching and other professional colleagues to discuss discipline-specific and instructional methods, knowledge, and skills.

Course Vacancies

Lower Division Hospitality Core
BGHL101 – Introduction to Hospitality Management
BGHL202A&B – Food & Beverage I & II
ZBGHL203 – Accommodations Management
BGHL204 – Cost Control

Lower Division Hospitality Core
BGHL301 – Technology & Information Management
BGHL302 – Facility & Security Management
BGHL303 – Hospitality Operations & Supply Chain Management
BGHL306 – Sustainable Development Corporate Responsibility
BGHL401A&B – Revenue Management I & II
BGHL402 – Creating Value in the Hospitality Economy

Persons seeking employment at Acsenda School of Management in a position which is not currently posted, may do so by sending by submitting a resume and covering letter detailing skills, abilities, and the type of work sought via this online application form. We will retain your resume on file for three (3) months. In the event that you are interested in a specific posted vacancy, it is required that you submit a resume and covering letter for that specific vacancy quoting the appropriate competition number.

While we appreciate your interest in employment at Acsenda School of Management, due to the number of resumes which we receive, only those applicants short-listed for a vacancy will be contacted.

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