Acsenda Supports Kenya Water Project

Bowling For Kenya

Acsenda students supported the Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown’s “Bowling for Kenya” tournament on Saturday, October 21st.  About 70 people came out in full Halloween costume!  Two teams from Acsenda put on an impressive performance with some great bowling.  Well done Acsenda!

The event raised about $1000 to support the Rotary Club of Yaletown’s international project to provide a water system for Nakurto Lukuny school in rural Kenya.   The purpose of this project is to provide clean drinking water and systems, improve community health and education, and enhance educational opportunities for students. Currently, there is no sustainable source of water to supply the schools and their communities, which in turn affects student health and retention, particularly for female students who are often the ones sent to collect water at long distances.

Construction for the project is expected to begin before the end of December, and the school will soon have a sustainable water supply.

For more information on the water project, or if you would like to support this project, see Rotary Yaletown Water Project for Kenya.

Thanks to Acsenda for your support!



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