Acsenda students explore opportunities in Vancouver real estate with Andy Pham

Acsenda students were pleased to hear from Andy Pham, Vice President of BentallGreenOak, a Canadian Asset Management company, this week. Serving as President of the Mortgage Investment Association of British Columbia, Pham is also accredited in real estate by the Appraisal Institute of Canada. The lecture focused on Pham’s experience working in real estate evaluation and consulting, emphasizing the lucrative opportunities available in Vancouver’s unprecedented real estate sector.

He was decisively an incredibly interesting guest, inspiring many to consider pursuing similar kinds of opportunities. One of the key takeaways from the event was a quote that Pham used throughout the presentation, which was that there are ‘more opportunities in real estate than just selling homes’. He frequently used this sentence to emphasize the expansiveness of the space, revealing that many of the fields that Acsenda offers, including marketing, accounting and business, apply directly to the real estate industry. For example, with an accounting concentration, a student can choose to work in real estate appraisal or finances or underwriting. With marketing, a student can be very successful at developing impactful campaigns targeting specific markets, in addition to conducting surveys and investigating information.

Ultimately, real estate allows you to leverage your education in a cornucopia of different ways. It’s a very versatile space.

Acsenda’s President Neil Mort also attended the event, and later went on to speak about how accessible of an opportunity the real estate industry is for students.

In conclusion, real estate is a vast industry that offers great incentives for starters that are interested in that space. The event gave great insight, explaining all the ways prospective Acsenda graduates can pursue lucrative careers in the future.

For more information regarding Andy Pham, real estate or appraisal opportunities, visit the Mortgage Investment Association of BC and the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

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