Acsenda Students Celebrate Halloween on Campus

Halloween Festivities Kick Off at Acsenda


Undeterred by the rainy weather, Acsenda students donned their spookiest costumes and traversed campus on Monday, October 31st, to celebrate Halloween in person with their peers. Halloween parties have been a longstanding tradition at Acsenda, and it was an incredible opportunity to have this event on campus again. From pumpkin carving campus trick-or-treating to a costume contest, and face painting, to mention a few, there were plenty of “spooktacular” activities for students to participate in.

Marycarmen Cruz, an Acsenda Student Ambassador, said she was excited to be assisting with organizing this event, which has been held annually for many years at Acsenda. Marycarmen and Tania Garcia, the President of the Lead Club, played a vital role in decorating campus and creating the spooky ambiance in the student lounge, which many of the students enjoyed during the party.


Traditions, New and Old


For many Acsenda students, this was their first experience of a Canadian Halloween. Many students dove “hand-first” into their first pumpkins, creating cats, spooky faces, and the like on their chosen pumpkins with great skill. Shy smiles and questions followed conversations of pumpkin carving or trick-or-treating, but students were excited to have the opportunity to participate in some traditional Canadian Halloween activities.

“We have the tradition of trick-or-treating in Mexico,” said one student, “but not the pumpkins; those are not as common.” Some traditions carry over across borders, but it is always an excellent opportunity to learn and experience the practices of other places, and it was clear that the students were thrilled to share the pumpkin carving.


Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins, Oh My!


Another event highlight was the face painter, Jade, from Out of the Rain Events. Check out our Associate Director, Kevin Fraser, as Black Panther if you need more proof of Jade’s skills! Dressed as a snuggly bat, Jade painted everything from beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies to villains and action heroes onto our students.

This event was a massive success, and we were thrilled to have over 50 students registered. In-person events are returning to the Acsenda campus, and we cannot wait to see more students at these events. If you are interested in seeing a particular event on campus, please get in touch with our Student Experience Coordinator, Maria Stevens, to discuss details.


Thank you to everyone who supported this event, and Happy Halloween!


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