Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs: Acsenda School of Management Attends Pitch Fest 2023


Starting a business is challenging, and women entrepreneurs face unique barriers. However, at Acsenda School of Management, we believe in fostering a culture of successful, perseverant, and resilient women in business. We recently participated in an initiative to support women entrepreneurs by removing cost barriers and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed.

Together with LCBN, Vancity, and University Canada West, we organized Pitch Fest 2023, an event that provided a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative business ideas and solutions. Contestants received valuable feedback from a panel of judges, and the top performers won up to $3,000 to expand or start their business. To learn more about Pitch Fest, visit https://lcbn.ca/the-pitch-fest/

As an institution, we are proud to have participated in this initiative and to have inspired our student community to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. If you’re interested in learning more about our commitment to fostering a culture of successful women in business, visit our website.https://lcbn.ca/the-pitch-fest/

Photos By Diego Di Ciurcio  
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