Acsenda launches JobsConnect, a digital job board for students


Acsenda School of Management is excited to announce the launch of JobsConnect, a digital jobs board designed to connect Acsenda students with Acsenda business partners. This portal aims to help current and prospective students, as well as our Alumni, find jobs in Vancouver while simultaneously helping local businesses bring in reliable workers.

Through JobsConnect, Acsenda students will be able to filter between part-time and full-time jobs, find out whether the position is concentration-specific and submit resume applications.

For new students joining Acsenda who are not yet in Canada but are looking to build a resume, apply for jobs right away, and get a jump start on finding work when they begin their studies, we will be holding a Career Development Workshop on October 7 at 7PM PST.

Connecting people and professions is an Acsenda priority and we are hopeful that the JobsConnect platform will continue to provide our students with valuable job experiences. For more information, see our Career Services Website