Acsenda hosts Job Fair 2022

On September 16, our Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) faculty and student services department hosted a job fair on the Acsenda Campus. It was a great way for students to meet with employer-partners of the institution.

How was the job fair?

The event featured 6 distinguished employers and over 85 students & graduates. The participating employers included:

Dr. Thomas Gomes honoured all the employers at the closing ceremony and engaged in a fruitful discussion on ways to expand industry partnerships in the future. The employers involved provided commendable remarks about the students who attended the interviews on their preparation and professionalism.

Acsenda hosts its very first Job Fair 2022

Moreover, 15 student leaders volunteered tirelessly to support this event and we appreciate their professionalism and contributions.

Student Testimony

After landing an interview in Richmond, Rhaveer Kaur said “Thank you to Acsenda for setting this up! The employer I met with today took my personal information and invited me to formally apply for their new position. I’m hoping for the best – this was a great start”

Acsenda hosts its very first Job Fair 2022

What is a job fair?

A job fair is an event where employers and job seekers come together to network. They exchange information and explore potential employment opportunities. Typically, a job fair is organized by a group of companies, a specific industry or sector, or a local community organization.

During a job fair, companies set up booths or tables to provide information about their organization, the positions they have available, and the qualifications they are looking for in candidates. Job seekers have the opportunity to meet with recruiters, ask questions about the company and the available positions, and submit their resumes or job applications. Some job fairs may also offer workshops or seminars on topics such as resume writing, interview techniques, or career development.

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Acsenda hosts Job Fair 2022

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