Acsenda Celebrates National Indigenous History Month

Acsenda Celebrates National Indigenous History Month Celebrating Indigenous Culture at Acsenda- Exploring the Artistry of Darren Yelton In honor of National Indigenous History Month, Acsenda School of Management had the privilege of hosting the talented artist, Mr. Darren Yelton, from the Coast Salish-Squamish community. Previous Next  Students at Acsenda had the unique opportunity to delve […]

Acsenda Students Participate in Shoreline Cleanup 2023

Acsenda Shoreline Clean Up  Keep our beaches clean. Tania Garcia     June 09, 2023  Engaging in shoreline clean-up is a journey that requires consistent action and awareness. It’s not just about participating in a one-time event; it’s about making an ongoing effort to protect our environment. On June 4th at 12 PM, Acsenda School of […]

Acsenda launches CareersConnect, careers and networking newsletter

aCSENDA LAUNCHES CAREERSCONNECT Exclusive career and networking opportunities Discover the power of CareersConnect — a specialized program designed exclusively for students and alumni of Acsenda School of Management. In this post, we delve into the essence of CareersConnect, unveiling its purpose, benefits, and the remarkable opportunities it offers. Exclusivity: Learn how CareersConnect goes above and […]

Acsenda School of Management Hosts Job Fair 2023

Acsenda Hosts Job Fair 2023 Job fairs provide a unique opportunity for both companies and job seekers. They allow companies to connect with a pool of talented candidates, promote their brand, and gain insights into their target demographic. Job seekers can benefit from attending these events by meeting face-to-face with employers, learning about job openings, […]

Acsenda Students and Staff Attend 39th Annual Vancouver Sun Run

Acsenda Students and Staff Attend 39th Annual Vancouver Sun Run Are you ready for some exciting news? Rain or shine, the Acsenda students and staff participated in the 39th Vancouver Sun Run this Sunday, and it was truly an incredible race! With over 35,000 participants, the Vancouver Sun Run is not only one of the largest races in North America, but also […]

Acsenda BHM Students Attend Travel Show

Acsenda BHM Students Attend Outdoor Travel Show By engaging learners through direct experiences and reflection, Acsenda School of Management aims to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, values, and contribution to their communities. We are excited to share the latest experiential learning activity at Acsenda School of Management! Our students recently attended “The Outdoor Adventure and Travel […]