Navigating Your Educational Journey Away From Home

ASM Student Resources Hub

Welcome to ASM Student Resources hub. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with studying abroad. Our comprehensive resources aim to support and enhance your academic, cultural, and personal experiences while studying with us.


Living in Vancouver

An international business environment like this can create a host of opportunities for those with the right education and training, and Acsenda will prepare you for them.

Student Pre-Arrival

Ready to Study in Canada? Discover what you need to know

Health and Wellness Resources

Access healthcare information, counseling services, and wellness programs dedicated to supporting your physical and mental well-being.

Housing and Living Assistance

Find guidance on housing options, local amenities, and tips for adjusting to life as International Student.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Learn about available scholarships, financial aid opportunities, and budgeting tools to help manage expenses during your studies.

Cultural Integration and Support

Discover resources that promote cross-cultural understanding, community engagement, and events to help you feel at home in your new surroundings.

How to Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP)

While collecting and filling out your documents as you prepare to study abroad in Canada, it’s important to prioritize writing your statement of purpose (or SOP).

Can I Use ChatGPT for My Study Abroad Application?

Just like if you asked your friend to write your admissions essay or statement of purpose, having OpenAI’s ChatGPT program write your essay for you is considered plagiarism.

Improve Your Student Visa Processing Time

Are you planning to study abroad in Canada? If so, preparing early for your study permit application is a must! Thinking ahead will help improve your student visa processing time.