Off Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

If you are looking for a place to stay or for roommates to share housing with is a good the place to start. Search listings for roommates and rentals from all over Greater Vancouver. However, these accommodations are not fully verified. We recommend using this platform in-person once you arrive.

For students who are new to Canada, we strongly recommend that you use our recommended Homestay provider or Residence Style and Short Term Accommodations.

Off-Campus Housing 101 is offered as a courtesy to Acsenda School of Management students looking for housing options. Acsenda School of Management does not endorse or assume any responsibility in connection with any rental agreement or services provided by real estate agencies or private landlords.

The listing of rental units on this site is a service to local rental property owners and to Acsenda School of Management students. Rental property owners are solely responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately.

Acsenda School of Management expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for the quality, safety or features of the properties, or any problems that may arise in connection with use of the service or disputes between landlords and tenants.

All prospective tenants are strongly advised to thoroughly inspect any properties or accommodations before finalizing arrangements and to assure that all agreements are put in writing.

A student guide to Renting in BC 

Have questions about what’s involved in renting in B.C.? Check out the Acsenda Student Renters Guide.

It covers a wide range of topics:

  • Things to know before you Rent
  • How to find a place
  • What do you need to have
  • What documents will you need to sign
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Who can you contact if you have a problem

Download the ASM Student Renters Guide