Preparation Guide and Travel Letter Procedures

Are you traveling to Canada for study? If so, please refer to the procedural steps below. Once you send us your Self-Isolation Plan, we will send you an eligible travel letter.

For more information about this process, you can access Acsenda’s full Preparation Guide for Study in Canada here.

1. Submit a Self-Isolation plan to Admissions ( for approval

Click HERE to complete.


  • Personal information
  • Flight/Arrival details
  • Where you will stay during your 14-day quarantine – proof of
  • How you will get to your accommodation once you reach Canada
    (i.e. taxi)
  • How you will get your groceries
  • Medical care (example: will use the GuardMe doctor app or call 911)
  • Medications (example: I will bring enough of my medication to support me for my first four weeks)
  • Cleaning supplies (example: I will order them online and have them delivered)
  • Explain the social or familial support you will have in Canada

Admissions staff will respond within 24 hours regarding your plan. They may suggest edits to the plan to ensure it fits government requirements. Once your plan is approved, Admissions will issue your Travel Letter.

2. Complete the Federal ArriveCAN application

App found on phone app store or

3. Submit the Self-Isolation plan to the British Columbia government (

4. Notify Admissions of arrival day in Canada

Classes start on January 4th, 2021 so plan to arrive in Canada at least 14 days prior to this date – students can arrive after – they will just need to delay coming to class until after the self-isolation period is finished.

Failure to provide the plan and travel letter to Canada Border Services may result in being denied entry into the country or province.

Go straight to self-isolation location from airport and do not leave that location for 14-days

Do not take public transportation to your accommodation, must use private services such as a taxi, rental car, or ride-share program.

5. Check in with Student Services at least three times a week

  • Monday – Friday (11:00am -1:00pm PST) Join the Student Services room on Zoom to check in and ask any questions you may have.
  • The link to join will be available on the main page of our student portal (MyASM)
  • Once your plan is approved you will receive an email from Student Services providing the information on the virtual drop-in sessions.