Documents that you need to provide registrar department:

  1. Passport 
  2. Study permit 
  3. Transcripts/Grade sheets/Mark sheets/DMC’s
  4. MSP 

You can scan these documents and send them to Once the campus is back to its full operations you will need to submit all your official documents in hard copy.

Yes, you can. Please contact our admissions teams at so we can help you with your case.

By providing an implied status document. This document should be sufficient to prove your status and will help us to register you for classes.

You can take 3-5 courses per term. To be a full-time student, you must take a minimum of 3 courses. If you wish to take 5 courses, that will require you to fill out a document, which will be made available to you upon request.

Yes, you are eligible to take these 3 courses: BMTH100: Introduction to Hospitality Management, BADM120: Business Math and COMP101: Computer Literacy.

When you contact our registrar department and provide your student number, they will be able to provide you with information on whether the school has received any documents.

For information on results for RST you can contact Garima Yadav (English studies coordinator) at or Admissions at

The days of study are subjective to your course selection. Since your courses are part of a bachelor’s program, the workload is set up in a manner that requires you to study for at least 6 hours outside of class.

Selection of concentration is an ongoing process and Acsenda is very flexible regarding choice of concentration. You can select your concentration from the start or after 3 terms at Acsenda or after taking these courses: BMRK231: Intro to Marketing, BHRM231: Intro to Human Resources, ACCT101: Financial Accounting & BIBM101: Introduction to International Businesses.

Yes, the WES evaluation of your previous transcripts will be sufficient as proof for registration. You will have to provide the hard copy of the evaluation once the campus is back to its full operations.

We understand that many institutions have decided to close. We recommend that you provide the contact information of the institution (preferably their email) so we can contact them effectively.

Yes, you can still register and study. This is only applicable to students who are currently in their home country and have not traveled to Canada.

Yes, you are allowed to register and attend classes. The continuance of your study will be subjective to the approval of your study visa. You will not be penalized financially if your application for a visa is refused.

You will be exempt from the English proficiency exam and will be eligible to be placed in the classes as detailed by the pathway program.

Yes, you can defer to next term. The approval of deference is subjective and will be decided on a case by case basis.

You can access online classes through Follow the instruction provided in the induction package to access your courses or click here.

The books required for the course will be specified by your instructor through along with the information on how to access these books.

You can contact your professor through email for all your queries.

Yes, you are required to have medical insurance by law in Canada if are an international student.

MSP stands for Medical Services Plan, which is B.C.’s provincial plan. For more information on how to apply for MSP, access medical insurance under Student Services in the MyASM portal.