Published January 25, 2024

On Jan. 22, the Hon. Marc Miller, Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC) Minister, outlined the federal government’s latest changes to the international student visa program.

Based on what has been announced, here is a breakdown of the new measures and what they mean for ’s international student community:

  • At this time, our understanding regarding the cap on international students is that NO CURRENT STUDENTS WILL BE AFFECTED by the proposed changes to the visa program. The government and the minister of immigration have signaled only new and incoming applications will be subject to the proposed changes. 

What Else can we expect?

  • Provinces will oversee the distribution of these caps and B.C. is expected to make an announcement in the very near term.
  • We will share more details as both federal and B.C. changes are further clarified.

What do these new federal PPP changes mean to ASM Students?

  • These changes DO NOT apply to Acsenda School of Management students.
  • Students currently enrolled or accepted into Acsenda School of Management are not affected by the recent updates on PGWP from the IRCC.  
  • Acsenda School of Management remains a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) recognized by the IRCC. As such, students completing their programs at ASM continue to be eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).
  • This means that the recent announcement in study permit caps and PGWP restrictions do not impact your ability to pursue post-graduation work opportunities after successfully completing your studies at ASM.  

What Else can we expect?

  • International students currently enrolled will remain eligible for a PGWP if they meet other program eligibility criteria.
  • Graduates of programs that are at least two years in length at PGWP-eligible designated learning institutions are eligible for a 3-year PGWP, as are graduates of master’s degree programs less than 2 years in length.
  • New students enrolling in this type of program will not be eligible for a post-graduation work permit.


What does this new change mean to spouses of ASM students?

Open work permits will no longer be available to spouses of undergraduate students.

  • Eligibility is limited to the spouses and common-law partners of students in graduate (master’s and doctorate) and professional degree–granting programs only.
  • The spouses and common-law partners of international students in other levels of study, including undergraduate and college programs, will no longer be eligible for an open work permit unless.


What Else can we expect?

they already hold an open work permit under this stream.We will share more details as these changes are further clarified.

What does this new federal change mean to ASM students?

  • Current undergraduate international students at ASM WILL NOTbe affected by this measure.
  • New undergraduate students will be affected by these changes.

What Else can we expect?

  • Provinces and territories are expected to establish a process for issuing attestation letters to students by no later than March 31, 2024.
  • ASM will share further details about this process for undergraduate student visa applicants once information from the Government of British Columbia is available

Where can I read the full announcement about these changes?

Further information can be found in the news release from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

ASM will continue to share more details as they become available.  Please check back here regularly for new updates. 

ASM is actively engaging government officials at all levels to gain a clearer understanding of these changes and will propose solutions that protect the integrity of the international student program.

Updated February 06, 2024