Director, Student Services

Scott Marsden

Scott Marsden, Director of Student Services, holds over a decade’s experience in international education across multiple points of service. From events management, cultural events and activities, academic advising, health and wellness counselling, library and other areas of support, Scott has held positions in various levels of leadership and management, predominantly at the Directorial level but also as a practitioner in the form of instructor and librarian. He has held multiple committee roles throughout the education sector, including the Steering Committee of the BC Electronic Library Network and the Chair of the Private Degree-Granting Institutions Association.

Holding a Master of Arts from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of British Columbia, Scott’s approach to international student supervision is both academic as well as based on models of active and experiential engagement. Community-focused but data-driven, Scott pursues a holistic and comprehensive model of Student Services and interactivity based on assessment and direct interaction with the student population. Born in Vancouver, Scott is committed to enhancing Canada and the Canadian experience through International Education