Should I consider a hospitality internship?

An internship is characterized as a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time, although it can result in a full-time job opportunity afterwards. Its purpose is to provide a valuable and functional experience that allows you to put things you learned on campus into practice.

Internships are both paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time and typically last around 1-6 months.

Should I consider a hospitality internship?

Acsenda maintains a partnership with Canadian hotels since 2019, which allows international students that finished the first half of their Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) program with Acsenda to apply for an internship program.

The hospitality internship helps students determine which area of hospitality management they may want to specialize in. It also provides an opportunity for students to meet industry leaders who are up-to-date with the latest trends in the hospitality industry.

At Acsenda, hospitality students will conclude a 6-month internship program that will help them to enhance their studies and prepare for real-world situations, garnering the leadership skills to manage diverse environments along the way. Perhaps most importantly, they will have the opportunity to build authentic connections and the confidence needed for more sought-after jobs.

What are some benefits that students can gain from an internship?

  • Job experience

Upon graduation, students are likely to lack industry experience. An internship is a great way to gain real exposure to how the business works in your field of study.

  • Access to industry task

The hospitality internship will expose you to some of the regular industry tasks and expectations. Entry-level employees will need to leverage in order to differentiate themselves and succeed.

  • Have an edge in the hospitality industry

Students with work experience in form of an internship are more suitable to catch the eye of potential employers. They require less training and can manage more responsibilities on their own because of their internship experience. It is also possible to receive a higher salary than students who did not complete an internship.

  • Build a professional network

In the working world, it is essential to form connections with people from different fields. The internship will help students build their local and global networks. There is more to an internship than credits, money or grades. They also provide the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and obtain recommendations for future jobs.

  • Transition to a permanent job 

If the internship goes well, it is possible to get an offer for a permanent position at the company. Many companies decide to hire interns at the end of their internship, so there are a lot of opportunities to continue working with the same company if you make a favourable impression.

For more information regarding the hospitality field, please go to the Bachelor of Hospitality Management section on the Acsenda website. Also, if you would like more information on hospitality careers, please read the article ‘What are some careers that require a BHM degree?‘.



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