How to register for courses?

Once you have been accepted into your program and have an approved study permit. You can start planning and registering for courses for your first term of studies. 

Before registration opens, plan which courses you need to take. If you need you can contact our academic advisor which can help you with: 

  • Build your course schedule
  • Teach you how to register for courses 
  • Guide you on the registration process
  • Help you decide how many courses to take
  • Check the prerequisites for some of your courses

You will be notified through an Acsenda email when registration opens and when is the date and time you are able to register for courses. Depending on the number of credits a student has they can register for courses first or at a later date. 

How do you register for courses step-by-step?

1. Check your program plan

Go to the MyASM page and in the navigation menu click on ‘My Records‘ and then click on Program Plan. You also have the option of checking our My Program Plan section on the website which is quicker.  You will be able to see all your courses, program credits, transfer and total credits, GPA, grades and prerequisites for some courses.

All courses are divided into categories which you can see in any of the concentrations: 

  • General Education courses
  • Upper Division electives
  • Lower Division Business Core courses
  • Lower Division electives
  • Upper Division Business Core courses
  • Concentration specific courses

You can do this step if you are not sure which courses to take, however, if you already know please start from the next step. 

2. Check the email that you received from Acsenda

First, you need to be aware of which day and what time are you able to register for your courses. The platform will not allow you to register for courses before that time. 

Acsenda has a Priority Registration Process which allows students to register in the order of proximity to graduation. In other words, the closer the student is to graduation the earlier they can register. This is done this way in response to student requests and helps ensure that students closer to graduation have the first opportunity to enrol in the courses they need to complete. 

3. Go to the MyASM website

The MyASM page is the student’s online portal where students can find all the information needed regarding courses, financial statements, request forms, academic calendars, student and enrollment services, course registration, news, appointment booking, etc. 

For this reason, most of the time during your studies with Acsenda you will be using MyASM for everything in regard to your student life. 

4. Go to course registration

In the navigation menu, go to ‘My Courses‘ and click on Course Registration. There you can see all the courses that you can take, always check on the search filters that in the search options box you have ‘My program only’ and in the eligibility box you have ‘Eligible courses’. 

Technically, the courses that appear after having those filters added, will be the ones that you are available to take for the new term. Otherwise, be careful to not select a course that does not belong to your program. To check on this you can either use the search filters or check on your program plan if it has the course you are planning to register for. 

5. Register courses

After you have the list of courses in the course registration section, you can start registering for the ones you want to take. Just click on the register button which will take you to the schedule, cost, and description of the course where you have to click on Enroll Course and Confirm The Enrollment.

If this is the first course you are registering for the term after confirming enrollment you will encounter two or three different terms and conditions pages that you have to accept to continue. Following that, you will get a small message at the top of the screen which would say course successfully enrolled. That is the sign where you know you have enrolled in that course and everything went correctly. 


How many courses can you take per term?

To be a full-time student, you must take at least 3 courses per term. However, you can study part-time as well which would be less than 3 courses per term, but you will not be able to work, as per the Canadian government regulations. 

Most students take 3 courses per term, nonetheless, if you want to finish faster your program, you can take 4 courses per term.