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My First Year

General Education Courses: 7-8 courses required

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to help students develop university-level writing skills.  Students improve their critical reading, English grammar and oral presentation skills while learning strategies for researching, planning, drafting, composing, and editing university essays in the APA format.

A range of academic essays is explored, including Response Paper, Problem-Solution, Compare-Contrast, and Cause-Effect. Students also learn how to summarize and paraphrase texts effectively and without committing plagiarism.

Prerequisite: ENGL101

This course is designed to help students extend their critical thinking, analytical, and research skills, and apply them to academic writing. Students explore common types of research, annotations and two major assignments: an academic case study report and a research paper in the form of an argumentative essay based on extensive secondary research in their area of business interest written in APA 7th format. Students also share their findings with the class through oral presentations in teams and individually.

Prerequisite: ENGL101 (Co-Requisite)

In the increasingly global business economy, effective communication skills are one of the most important determinants of career success. This course introduces students to a wide range of concepts essential to communicating effectively in business settings. Coverage includes all the important written message formats, as well as oral communication (presentations), critical thinking, nonverbal communication, the use of new communications technologies, and successful job application and interview techniques.

Prerequisite: ENGL101 (Co-Requisite)

The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to business mathematics. These include a review on numbers (fraction, percent and decimals) and solving linear equations or proportions. Then it will be the basic statistics concepts, payroll, markup, markdown, and inventory control. Next, students will explore the finance- simple and compound interest, annuity, and amortization. The course will be completed by introducing the accounting and its applications – depreciation and financial statements. This course is to prepare the students for statistics, accounting, management science, and other business courses that require applications of business mathematics.

Prerequisite: BADM120

This course is to provide the elementary level of descriptive Statistics and a part of the intermediate level of inferential Statistics. These include a review of the numerical measure and graphical displays. Then it will