Website B.E.S.T


  • Social media management: 1 year (preferred)
  • Communications and Outreach: 1 year (preferred)
  • Events Management: 1 year (preferred)
  • Marketing Strategy: 1 year (preferred)

We are seeking a dynamic Marketing and Communications Coordinator to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for enhancing our social media and online presence, implementing effective communication and outreach strategies, supporting events, and contributing to brand development. If you are a creative individual with a passion for marketing, communication, and brand consistency, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Key Responsibilities:

Social Media and Online Presence:

  • Update and implement a cohesive social media strategy for all programs.

  • Maintain and evaluate social media channels.

  • Launch and develop new websites, quarterly newsletters, and social media calendars.

  • Create and update e-newsletters, sent bi-monthly.

  • Assist in updating organizational websites.

Communication and Outreach:

  • Implement communication strategies for ongoing projects.

  • Refine target audience and messaging for diverse audiences.

  • Execute media strategies, identify relevant campaigns, and update media contact lists.

  • Develop and distribute media advisories.

Event Support and Materials:

  • Collaborate on developing web and social media materials for events.

  • Create signage and print materials for various programs and events.

  • Support events with promotional materials and resources.

  • Update toolkits, posters, and promotional materials for workplaces.

Branding and Marketing:

  • Assist with branding across various platforms, both physical and digital.

  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders on creating digital and physical assets.

  • Develop custom digital marketing materials for event clients.

  • Identify and pursue new promotional outreach opportunities to expand service usage.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy/toolkit for event clients.

  • Collaborate with program partners and sponsors to develop customized physical and digital collateral.

Brand Development:

  • Contribute to the creation and development of overall brand identity, ensuring consistency across all programs.

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